The Technology of Jubilee harps - Taking A Closer Look


Jubilee harps are made from solid, fine-furniture quality, American hardwoods, not flimsy laminates and covered ply, to provide a solid, durable, and absolutely beautiful product. Our harps are made to be both concert-quality musical instruments for praise and worship, as well as to be exquitise adornments for any home decor. We receive endless compliments about the amazing craftsmanship and unique sound of our harps. People are astonished by its volume and tonal qualities in view of its basic design. Most harps rely on a "soundboard" and resonance chamber to provide enough volume for concert-like performance. So, how is it that our solid-bodied harps have overcome this? Perhaps this page will be able to shed some light on our annointed design.

The design and inspiration of our harps came from God; as I, personally, had no previous experience in instrument making. I was trained to achieve and measure quality, and had several years of music training. Combine those two traits with other additional training in physics, electronics, and woodworking and you will still fall short of the disciplines necessary to build a Davidic harp from scratch. wasn't was God who guided me from start to finish.

To God be all the glory!


For our Strings, we use a special stainless-steel alloy designed for music. They are highly polished, and resist corrosion and normal breakage. They are designed to be highly flexible with moderate rigidity to enhance vibration. And are tension balanced to ensure ease of play for the beginner or professional.


Our new "Zero-Flex" Alumaloy Rod has replaced the wooden cross rods to provide sensational sound in both clarity and volume, and it eliminates cross-string interference during hard play and tuning. With it's zero-flex design, seasoning, humidity, and temperature will never be a factor for concern.


Signature Series-XII harps use our exclusive "N-Line Slide" tuning system for one-finger tuning capability. This innovative technology has never before been seen on any musical harp. No more pegs or friction adjustments; tuning is easy and precise.

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