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We have gathered the most common questions that our sales representatives hear when speaking with our customers, and compiled them here in a unified list for you to reference here on our website. We feel that it is neccessary that these questions be answered for everyone that is interested in purchasing one of our harps.

These are the questions that you will get answered here:



Q: Are these harps difficult to play?

A: Absolutely not! Anyone can play these harps. The minute you pick it up and touch its strings, the blessings begin and the Lord is your composer. Play-by-number music is available to learn songs quickly and easily.


Q: What size are these harps?

A: When sitting on their bases, they are about 23" tall, and 14" wide. They weigh from 4 to 6 pounds depending on the wood.


Q: How are these harps being used?

A: God is placing the desire to praise Him on a Davidic 10-string harp, in the hearts of many people. In addition to that, these harps are being used in personal, educational, and healing ministries all over the world.


Q: Which wood should I choose?

A: Since the type of wood has little to no affect on the sound of a solid-bodied, open-soundboard harp, you are free to base your selection on price, weight, or visual preference.


Q: What if I buy one and decide a 10-string harp is not for me?

A: Jubilee Harps guarantees your satisfaction with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If, within the first 30 days, you are not happy with your harp, call us to return it for a full refund. We want all of our customers to be blessed!


Q: What kind of string do you use, and how are these harps tuned?

A: We use a polished stainless-steel spring alloy for our strings because it is extremely durable, produces a vibrant "Jewish" sound, stays in tune longer, and can last a lifetime under daily use! We tune our harps to C-minor/E flat major in the Aeolian mode.


Q: What is the "N-Line Glide" Tuning System?

A: The "N-Line Glide" Tuning system is an exclusive feature on Jubilee harps, and manufactured only at our facility. The "N-Line Glide" Tuning System allows you to adjust each peg exactly where it needs to be. This system also helps promote sustained clarity, and to maintain the desired pitch over longer periods of time.


Q: How much are your harps?

A: Download an electronic copy of our most recent Product Catalog


Q: What accessories do you offer, and how much are they?

A: Download an electronic copy of our most recent Product Catalog


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