Thank you to all our customers and those of you expressing your desire to own one of our harps and for all your wonderful comments and your prayers. Please continue to keep us in your prayers as our heart's desire is to fulfill the call of God on our lives to provide these anointed instruments of praise created to worship our Lord. Praise His holy name!

  Read what others have to say....

Pam, Australia -- "All praise and glory to the Lord, my beautiful harp arrived in perfect condition last week. I just wept and it seemed to be from the Hand of God Himself...truly Holy Spirit inspired and crafted. I love the fact that the Lord gave you this revelation in the year of Israel's Jubilee...for such a time as this."

Robert, South Africa -- "My purchase is the result of receiving a clear vision of a kinnor harp, exactly like yours, and a clear reference to10 strings in the scripture Today my harp arrived in Johannesburg all the way from the U.S.A. I am altogether overwhelmed by what you have made possible for me. Words cannot do this moment justice but I know you will understand because clearly you are both ambassadors of destiny and yielded vessels of love in and by the will of Yeshua the Messiah. Thank you for blessing me with your spirit of excellence and truly wondrous ministry."

Linda, Illinois -- "The two harps arrived today in perfect condition and so incredibly special and anointed. I am in awe about them and their significance. I am excited about taking one of them to Israel to give to whom the Lord wants me to give it to. Your craftsmanship, skill, packaging and detail are so exquisite as well. You both are called and specially anointed and gifted "for such a time as this" to help usher in Messiah Yeshua. It is a pleasure and honor to know you. God bless you and "Next Year in Jerusalem?""

Anna, New Zealand -- "I love the coin of the dove on the star of David....what a wonderful idea to combine the two together."

Lisa, Tennessee -- "I can't begin to express my gratitude to you both for your faithfulness to the incredible calling of God on your life. No words could ever express what owning one of your lyres has meant to me. It has forever changed my life. I love my new lyre and haven't wanted to put it down. Because of the changes you have made, I am making progress very fast with it. I can't believe how easy it is to tune. Everything about it just feels right. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being obedient to God's call."

Andrew, Alabama -- "I am so pleased with the purchase of my harp. I now play in the church on Sunday night services and everyone is so blessed by it... not by my playing skills, but just the beauty of the harp and the sounds it produces."

Henk & Myriam, Holland -- "Greetings and Shalom from Holland! You have been such a blessing - more than you can imagine. We are so happy with your service that whenever we are asked where we purchased our harp, we will definitely send them your way. Shalom from your Dutch friends."

Agathe Von Trappe -- "I love my harp and play it often. I especially appreciate the fact that you pray over your harps before you sell them and they are meant for worship. I believe the Lord will use mine for His glory. God bless you. "
(Note from Jubilee Harps -- If you are interested in purchasing Agathe Von Trappe's Autobiography, you can order it toll free at 1-800-321-5692 or order it on

Cindy, IL -- "Several months ago, I began to picture praise and worship in my church with harp music. We are in the beginning of a great revival. When I saw your website I got tears in my eyes -- the pictures of your harps were exactly what I had pictured in my mind. "

Pastors Randy and Patricia, North Carolina -- "My husband and I really appreciate our harp. We admire your work in the Lord. May God continue to richly bless you."

Sherry, Alabama -- "WOW! I don't have a vocabulary large enough to describe the blessing my harp is to me. I felt an immediate connection to the Holy Spirit when I picked it up. It sounds exactly as it did when I heard it in my spirit in a dream some months back. This instrument means more to me than a new car or jewels ever could. I can stroke the heart of God with it. I can usher people into His presence with it. Somehow saying "thank you" seems inadequate....but I do thank you and bless you for your obedience."

Carolyn, Pennsylvania -- "Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. In searching the internet for information on harps, Jubilee Harps fascinated me -- more than that, your harps excited my Spirit. May God continue to richly bless you in your ministry."

Vanessa, Arkansas -- "I know that you and your wife pray over the harps before you send them. I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart because I know that God placed you in my pathway to receive this harp -- just as in the repeated dream I had about playing this exact harp With much love and prayer. Vanessa"

Carol, Indiana -- "I ordered and received my beautiful harp and spend many hours playing every day. The first three weeks I couldn't tear myself away to do anything else and that is not an exaggeration. I started out playing church never occurred to me that I would be writing songs for the harp as I never did that on the piano. So far I have written 12 songs. I have truly been blessed by this harp."

Dennis, New York -- "Praise the Lord!!! We found your website. This is something the Lord put on my wife's heart since she was a little girl. I play the shofar and with these 2 instruments, I believe the Lord will do His work through them. Bless you in the calling of this ministry. My wife is ecstatic about your harps!"

Beverly, Iowa -- "Thank you so much for your obedience to God and your husbands. It was so wonderful talking to you on the phone. I love to talk to those who are in tune with the Spirit of God and His moving in these times. I took a college class on jewishness and then began to read more about it. I saw your davidic harps in the Messianic Jewish catalog and every time I would see them, I was drawn like a magnet. I did a search on the internet and found your page. I saw others on the internet but none of them witnessed to my Spirit like yours. The professor I am taking classes under told me about the harps therapeutic value. She also told me that there is an upsurge in people desiring to play the harp. Out of obedience to what the Lord has put on my heart I am buying one from you. Thank you so much."

Brian, Indiana -- "This harp has been such a blessing ... it seems like every time I play, the air thickens with peace. You have been a great blessing to me and my family."

Marilyn, Kentucky -- "Thank you for my beautiful harp! Not only is it wonderfully made, but the Lord is using it to bless and increase my daily worship before Him."

Cindy, Missouri -- "My husband surprised me with a Jubilee davidic harp for my birthday. It was in a soft-sided case in a box and when I unzipped the case and saw the harp I gasped and immediately burst into happy tears! He was crying as well. I couldn't believe it. What an honor and a privilege to own such a beautiful, meaningful Biblical instrument! I have taken it to church, friends' houses and all over telling them about the harp and the great surprise from my wonderful husband. When Messiah comes, I'll be ready with harp and song!"

Mary, Missouri -- "I just celebrated my Jubilee birthday and many exciting things are happening in my life. Jubilee Harps has a harp they call the Shepherd Harp. It is a quality instrument and they have made it affordable. If you know anyone looking for a 10 string harp, please send them to After my harp arrived I converted my favorite song on my harp. I am just learning to play by ear. My 12 year old daughter and 10 year old son are enjoying praising the Lord with the harp as well."

Colleen, North Carolina -- "WOW!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! It is great when a company stands behind their product -- even if the problem was not their fault - and are concerned about customer satisfaction. It is a good way to get repeat business and new business, too."
(Comment from Jubilee Harps -- this testimony came in response to our free replacement of a CD that was damaged by the mail service.)

Joseph, Wisconsin -- "This harp is absolutely beautiful!!! I opened the box and knew the anointing of the Lord was upon this. I have never experienced anything like it What a joy... I can hardly put it down. Thank you so much for your ministry! "

Katherine, Minnesota -- "It so delights me to see you two so totally devoted to the Lord and His service! Thank you for taking so much time talking with me. Spending time shows His love so beautifully and to let Him have His way in our lives."

Kim, Ukraine -- "Thank you again so much for blessing me and sowing into the house of worship and intercession in Ukraine. May God's abiding presence reside on you and your ministry!"

Pam, Illinois -- "It was so wonderful on my Jubilee (50th) birthday to have the promise of 7 years of prayer in my hands. I cried and even now have tears of joy. I am playing songs daily to the Lord and so far He has given me 41 songs. May the Lord prosper you as your soul prospers."

Judy, California -- "Thank you for making the masterpiece "harp of 10 strings." I am a porcelain artist so through the years I have learned to recognize elegance expressed through creativity given man by Yeshua. I have had no problems tuning my harp and I love the sound. I treasure this marvelous gift of God through you. Warmest love in Yeshua."

Eclair, Florida -- "I thank G-d for providing a way for me to buy this beautiful harp. I am grateful to you for making it. I just love it! May Adonai bless you and your beautiful work."

Kathy, Pennsylvania -- "Greetings in the name of Jesus, our Savior and Messiah. After I spoke with Mary, she felt led to pray with me over the phone and in my spirit, it was like overwhelming joy, so much that my eyes were filled with tears and I was shaking in awe of this calling. Before Mary and I hung up the phone, when placing my order, she said that if I didn't feel an anointing when I opened the package with the harp that it should be returned because it was meant for someone else. After receiving it, it was late evening before I finally opened it. The harp was beautiful. I felt like somehow this harp and I belonged together. Every day I play for Him and He doesn't mind if I miss a note because just like Him I am delighted if a child plays an instrument for me! God's love is amazing...Oh how patient He is. I no longer need my songbook, the songs flow. My life has really changed because it is a real calling to play music for the Lord. I believe that we are being called out as Levites to minister to the Lord on these beautiful instruments of praise! God has anointed us to play for Him and just sit in His presence and adore Him! We receive our strength in God's presence. As we give our love to Him, He pours out His love and favor in return. Although we cannot see what is taking place as we play our harps, spiritual walls are coming down... captives are being set free. The Lord looks for faithful people, humble servants, who will speak out upon this earth. He even gives us the music to play and the words He wants proclaimed. It is simple, we just listen and the Holy Spirit leads us. You do not need to be a musician, you do not need to have a beautiful voice, you only need to listen and obey. God will do the rest. Thank you Jubilee Harps for making these harps for Him!"
(Note from Jubilee Harps -- Kathy has a beautiful story of being healed of cancer and is working with us to publish a book that will include our own testimony about how we were called by the Lord to provide these harps and it will also include e-mails and letters from our customers who give us their permission. Thank you Kathy for what you are doing for the Lord.)

Jan, Michigan -- "I visited your site because I just came from a blessed concert by Greg what a blessing and beautiful music. I have wanted a harp since I was a child but never had the money, but seeing your harp--the price is closer to something I can afford. My husband and I have been in the ministry 45 years. Thank you for such a lovely ministry."

Susan, Canada -- "Dear Rick & Mary: My beautiful harp arrived today! It is perfect and delivered without any problems. I am in absolute awe as it is a dream come true, a musical instrument that I can worship the Lord with. Praise His Holy Name! Thank you so much!"

Donna, Pennsylvania -- "I received my harp and gasped at it's beauty! I knew how beautiful they were from seeing them at the Messiah Conference, but somehow holding my own is different. My daughter and I both reverently touched it and thanked Yeshua that He had thought us worthy of such a treasure! It was dedicated at Beit Simcha Messianic congregation to the Lords work on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Everyone remarked at the beauty and quality of workmanship involved in it's creation. Thank you so much for your faithful following of the Lords leading in this wonderful ministry! I will also be using it in my work for the Lord as a nurse, to bring peace and healing to others as David did with Saul. It really does have a soothing effect! Thank you again and may the Lord bless you both and every time I play the harp I will pray for you, your family, and your ministry."

Patricia, Colorado -- "I was invited to attend a new fellowship home group and felt led to take my harp. When I arrived they said they needed someone to lead worship so I told them about the harp and they asked me to bring it in. I told them I was there to close my eyes and worship the Lord and I asked them to do the same as I played and sang whatever the Lord gave. Well the prophetic songs rolled, then the Holy Spirit began to prophecy to them in song. The presence of the Lord was awesome. After the meeting was over I was asked how long I had been playing and when I told them only a week and 1/2 they were shocked. I told them how the Lord told me to just close my eyes and as He leads the strumming the prophetic river flows. They were so excited about the harp. God bless you both."

Reeva, Tennessee -- "Even though I just received my harp today and haven't had much time to play it, I'm already playing part of Amazing Grace on it. It has a beautiful, anointed sound! It so blessed me, I feel like I'm going to be able to bless the Lord in playing it to Him. I am looking forward to sharing with my friends about my harp. May God bless you abundantly and thank you for being God's vessel!"

Jan, Texas -- "My harp arrived on Thursday just as you said and dear ones, it is so beautiful!!! I have consecrated this harp to Him for His purposes. I have asked Him to anoint me to play this instrument for His pleasure. Thank you for this beautiful instrument. I believe there are some of us that God has given a specific vision to play these awesome instruments. I praise God that I was one of them. Many Blessings."

Tom, North Carolina -- "The harps we purchased from you continue to be a blessing at Beit Hallel Messianic Synagogue. We all love our harps and they bring great joy and sweet music to us and the congregation. I pray that G-d continues to bless your work and ministry. Happy Hanukah!"

Peggy, Missouri -- "You are in my thoughts today as I know you are busy preparing for your upcoming journey. The significance of this trip is great, and I know that God is moving in a mighty way in your lives and ministry. Rick - your seminar is going to open many hearts to the urgency of these days. The artistic gift God has given you is quite evident through the beautifully crafted instruments you create with your hands. The Lord has laid a precious mantle of responsibility on your shoulders, and you are carrying out His command for your ministry with the utmost integrity. You have the hearts of servants and that is why God has chosen you for this very special call. He truly has made His face to shine upon you. Godspeed in your travels. Grace and blessings!"

Jane, Pennsylvania -- "I bonded to my harp immediately and was completely amazed at how easy it is to play. I have never played an instrument and I don't read music -- but your instructions made it so easy for me. I spent much of the first day practicing the "play by number" songs. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is an anointing on these harps. I sense strongly that God wants it played and is calling people out to play it. What a beautiful and blessed ministry you have and I know too, that you two precious ones were hand-picked to carry out this ministry."

Pat, Texas -- "My Jubilee harp is is in perfect is awesome. I never had anything so beautiful and the sound is so sweet...if I could stop crying long enough to play it. I've got such peace about this harp. I am so happy. May God bless you guys in everything you do. Thank you for serving the Lord."

Mike, West Virginia -- "The Watchman Harvest Ministry obtained your Kinnor, and we just wanted to endorse this product so others may know how effective it is in ministry. The harp was obtained under the leading of the Holy Spirit. Upon arrival of the harp, my wife broke into tears! Although neither of us know anything about harps, God's anointing was upon my wife immediately. It made such beautiful music unto our Lord, Yeshua the Messiah. We now use it every day, and have already witnessed the Holy Spirit move in healing ministry and prophecy through its use. It is a blessing to all who hear it play the "new song." It is powerful...spiritually powerful!! May God continue to richly bless you."

Julie, New York -- "I wish to share my testimony of what God has and is doing in my life concerning your David Harp and your special ministry. You have my permission to share my testimony in whatever way it may assist your ministry. Right after I got off the phone with you both the last time, the anointing of God intensified so much that when I went to play the harp, the anointing released my fingers to begin to play or coordinate beyond my usual one finger plucking. Additionally, I began to tune the harp and a manifestation of gold appeared on my hands and was also coming off the harp like gold specks. Since that night, my playing has increased enormously to the place I can now play the chords with three to four fingers up and down the strings. I have now had five opportunities to play publicly while having someone read a Psalm while I played the chords. There is always an anointing released when this harp is played and I know it is not my musical ability as a novice beginner, but the incredible witness of God in the use of these harps in this end-time kingdom period. May God continue to richly bless you and your ministry with these King David Harps. Thank you again for your willingness to be obedient to follow the Lord's leading with this special gift."

Fran, Indiana -- "I was walking by their harp display again, knew they had quality, and a reasonable price. I wasn’t interested in buying one because I can’t carry a tune. All I did was pick one up and I could feel the Lord’s spirit run through my arms and down to my toes. The moment I touched the strings in praise, I knew that very harp would have to be mine."

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