STEP 1: Become Informed Before You Buy

1.) Ask some important questions:

-- Where are their harps being made?
-- What are their harps made of?
-- What accessories do they stock?
-- Do they offer FREE replacement strings?
-- Do they offer qualified product assistance after the sale?

Avoid buying a "problem" harp that can't be tuned, or enjoyed.

2.) Your Satisfaction Guarantee!

All successful companies show an interest in your happiness when they offer a "Satisfaction Guarantee" backed by a full refund. At Jubilee Harps, we specialize in making a Davidic 10-string harp, a very personal instrument, and promise you 30 days to evaluate it. If it doesn't meet your expectations, simply return it for a full refund. Your step of faith is ours as well because none of our prices are padded to cover the cost of a return. But that's okay because God called us in May of 1998 to make affordable harps for His kingdom, and we will continue to obey. We are not only a business...but a praise and worship ministry.

3.) Plan for the future!

Your harp could easily become a valuable family heirloom, but only if the quality is built in and certified. Look for documented certification, the protection of a (minimum) 10-year limited warranty, and a convenient service facility for parts or repairs.
STEP 2: Consider Jubilee Harps

Our product line and customer benefits are designed entirely for your enjoyment and peace of mind. It is our prayer to be an answer to yours, and listed below are some of the ways we strive to accomplish this:

* Concert Quality Sound and Solid Construction
* Our Exclusive "N-Glide" Tuning System
* Professional Endorsements...Evidence of God's Anointing
* A Complete Line of Harp Accessories
* E-Z Pay Options: Check, Credit Card, or ZIP Layaway
* A 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee & Limited 10-Year Warranty
* Warranty Parts and Service
* Lifetime Toll-Free Customer Support
STEP 3: Make an Informed Decision
With your questions answered, your purpose in mind, and His will in your heart, you can choose your harp wisely, and it will be the right one for you.
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