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After 9 years of handcrafting harps for so many believers and listening to all of the needs, desires, and suggestions for harps and accessories, we at Jubilee Harps have reached the pinnacle in the design of our King David 10-String harps. Beginning July 1, 2007, we unveiled our newest and most innovative harps; our "Signature Series-XII" line. Replacing our already successful "Series-XI" harps, this exciting new design is ready for all ministries ranging from untrained beginners using it in personal praise and worship, to accomplished professionals playing in concert and studio settings!

~ Features ~

The following items are Jubilee Harps Guidelines for the harp qualities we pursue and promote in our business ministry.

  • Amazing Sound that is unique and clear
  • Strength & Stability resulting from on-going advanced research and development
  • Precision Controls for simplified tuning and amplification
  • Harps' ability to maintain tuning over long periods of time in various conditions
  • Convenience in weight, size, transport, play, and line of accessories
  • Pleasing Style for spiritual aesthetics and use in all ministries
  • Easy payment plans that offer affordability for every lifestyle
  • Warranties & guarantees to protect your financial and physical investments while maintaining integrity
  • Friendly & knowledgeable customer service with convenient access before and after the sale

  • To protect our interests, pursuits for Trademark and Patent Protection are under way.

    ~ Availability ~

    "Signature Series-XII" King David harps are available in Genuine Mahogany, Heritage Cherry, Pristine Maple, Black Walnut, and Old World Ash. Our Current "Shepherd" harps of Golden Ash will be discontinued and replaced by a "Shepherd" made of Maple with a lacquered natural wood finish, which still includes the "Signature Series-XII" features. (See our "Shepherd" harp page for details.) All guarantees & warranties will continue for current owners and future customers.

    We retained the visual image of our Jubilee King David harps that so many admire and recognize, but have re-engineered our string suspension and tuning systems. Exclusive to Jubilee Harps, these technologies have never before been utilized by any other harps! Our "Signature Series-XII" harps have extreme tonal clarity, increased volume, and "rock-solid" tuning, all from the use of our new "Zero-Flex" cross rods and precision "N-Line Glide" tuning systems. For all of our new harps, the "seasoning" process and "cross-string distortions" from hard play or tuning (if any), have been eliminated! In addition, customers now have the option to order their harps with either "Right-Hand" or "Left-hand" (i.e. Up- or Down-Scale) stringing!

    Note: All Jubilee harps thru Series-XI have been strung only as "Right-Hand" (Up-Scale) when facing the harp.

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    If you have any questions regarding our new Signature Series XII harps that we have not answered above, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Owners Rick and Mary Woods

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