Our Multi-layered Veneer (MLV) Line of Harps

In July 2008, we introduced our "MLV" line of handcrafted harps. Multi-Layered-Veneer is an imported furniture grade Birch product manufactured in the Baltics. Unlike domestic plywoods, MLV is made entirely of thin Birch veneers, and is 99-100% free of voids. The physical dynamics of MLV allowed us to design two new 10-string harps: "Jubilation" and "Restoration". Both of these harps will have measured dimensions similar to our King David harps.

Designed more for their extreme strength and affordability, MLV harps include our Zero-Flex Crossrod, N-Line Tuning Slides, and Stainless-Steel Strings...exclusive features found only on Jubilee Signature XII harps. With all of these features, a Jubilee MLV harp is the strongest and most stable harp available...Anywhere!

By using MLV on these new harps, we can offer you:

  1. Affordable harps based on our new cost-effective production techniques, and reduced labor;
  2. Your choice of an appealing, robust "musician" or "student" level harp;
  3. Savings combined with Jubilee's Signature XII technology...
    We never sacrifice quality!

"Restoration" A Harp for Anyone! - Restoring Davidic Praise (Available Now!)


back view laser engraving girl with harp

Our Restoration Harp is restoring Davidic praise, and is designed for children, students, beginners, and budget-minded individuals who are seeking an introductory level instrument of fine, handcrafted quality. When a harp is an investment in someone's future, the virtues of that harp should be life-long, and more than skin deep. Standard features include:

  • Get "Economy" without sacrificing "Quality"
  • All Natural Birch with high grade lacquer finish;
  • Laser-embossed frontal designs, with choice of Star of David, or Menorah;
  • Solid-bodied harps using "soundboard" technology;
  • Custom laser-embossed designs or pictures are also available;
  • All Jubilee Signature XII features, Warranties and Guarantee!

Visit our online catalog to shop for your Restoration Harp!

"Jubilation" Musician/Worship Leader Harp (Coming Soon!)


laser engraving laser inlay sideview back view

The Jubilation Harp is our "High-Tech" model, designed to exceed the high demands of professional musicians and worship leaders with these outstanding features:

  • All Natural Birch with a high grade lacquer finish;
  • Laser-Cut Inlays of African Zebra Wood for all frontal inserts;
  • Custom laser-embossed designs or pictures are also available;
  • Hollow-bodied hybrid with floating "Planar" Sound Technology for increased audible output and decreased weight;
  • Sharping Slides for semi-tone tuning on-the-fly;
  • Backlit Strings...Micro LEDs illuminate string base for low or no-light situations;
  • All Signature XII features, Warranties and Guarantee!

If you feel led to purchase an ancient instrument that was spoken of in the Bible, consider our brand new 10-string "Restoration" kinnor. Its design reflects the proven benefits found on our Signature Series XII harps, while being crafted from 100% Baltic Birch MLV to sustain rigorous use by the most inexperienced harpists. A perfect instrument for anyone at any age. Jubilee Harps are instantly playable by the untrained, yet they remain a delight for even the most advanced musicians.

These low-priced, Biblical harps have surpassed anything else on the market in their quality, innovative design, and price. If you or someone you know has the desire to praise the Lord like David did, contact us at your earliest convenience.

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